We want you to take delight in your piece and we also aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 
  • PROOFS: The Tiptop team uses service and expertise as the primary tool to help you accurately visualize what you will receive. Our proofs are a powerful way to:
    • determine the exact size print you need for your space
    • visualize what your image will look like on various materials
  • COLOR: Digital files are viewed on various screens ranging from phones, laptops, tablets and desktop monitors. Each screen has its own color and brightness settings and can introduce issues in terms of print expectations.
    • COLOR CORRECTION: If you select color correction, our team will bring your image to that "sweet spot" of vivid yet neutral colors, tones and shadows.
    • NO COLOR CORRECTION: If no color correction is chosen, our team will print your image true to file and no re-prints or credits will be issued.
  • PRINT EXPERTS SINCE 1986: You're in good hands and good company. Our portfolio proudly ranges from coveted artists, collectors and 5-star hotels. Many elite artists and photographers have sold their Tiptop Prints for prices ranging in the thousand dollar and up range. We have over 30 years of expert print knowledge under our belt and each one of our production members is trained by an expert in the field on color.


    • If you need your order rushed contact us via chat, email or phone and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


    • ITEM SPECIFIC: Please see product notes and description or accurate production schedule
    • PRODUCTION + SHIP TIME: After production is complete UPS or FedEx will take a few days to deliver your piece to your door. We ship from Miami, Florida and FedEx / UPS typically take between 3-5 days to deliver our shipments to the West coast
    • CUT OFF TIMES: Orders received before 2 PM Eastern (Monday-Friday) are considered same day orders. Orders received after 2 PM are considered next day orders.


    • REPRINTS & CREDITS: If Tiptop delivers a print with sizing, color or quality issues, e-mail us photos of your print taken in natural, neutral light and we will assess whether a reprint or customer credit is due.
    • CUSTOM PRINTING: Our process is highly custom and all orders are non-refundable. Each time we make a print, our team and our machines are dedicated to making your piece perfectly to your specs. Each piece is individually print, cut and finished by hand to your preference and the process is irreversible. The raw materials used cannot be repurposed and we cannot re-sell your image.


    • We move fast. Orders cannot be canceled once submitted. Once your order has been sent to production, it is no longer possible to cancel. If our experts detect something wrong (for example: drastic color issues, low resolution or pixelation issues), we will contact you and wait one business day for your reply before continuing production. If we do not receive a reply within one business day, we will continue the production process. 


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